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The results speak for themselves. I am a qualified fitness instructor with some 15 years’ experience working in the fitness sector. Creating and developing fitness programmes suitable for all ages and abilities, I am passionate about helping people to improve their mind and body. I coach both group classes and instruct individual clients with their 1:1 personal training.  Rather than follow fitness fads and diet trends, which have no foundation in knowledge, I base my philosophy on the latest industry thinking developed from the science of the Musculoskeletal System.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for having me as part of your online classes, having them online has made it so much easier for me to be able to take part and given me the motivation to get off the sofa for the classes! I do hope that even after life resumes to some type of normality and the physical gyms reopen, you might consider keeping your online classes going in some capacity for homebodies like me! Thanks again for letting me part of your virtual fitness!

Yvonne McIntyre

I just thought I would say you have created a fantastic atmosphere in your classes!!!
Everyone smiles, waves and nods at each other with friendship and encouragement!! Everyone has a nice chat after the class. I come away feeling good and warm not only because I have been getting fit and healthy but because everyone enjoys your classes and you bring people together in a positive way!! X Thank you x

Tanys Pullin

Jessica Shepherd reviewed Helen Ainsworth Fitness5 star

Yesterday at 06:57 ·I go to Helens classes once a week. Absolutely love them! Very professional, bubbly & always a right laugh! Nothing is to much trouble. Highly recommend if you can attend a class

Helen Ainsworth Fitness
Sports & fitness instruction
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I was feeling unfit and not myself. I was 10 stone 4 oz and every part of my body ached, so I stopped doing exercise. I know this is not that heavy but I am only 5’2 feet and I always felt very tired but couldn’t sleep at night.
 My Doctor suggested a GP referral because of my aches, pains and injuries… At the beginning of November I met Helen Ainsworth.  She assured me she would not push me too hard and I could take things at my own pace. I pointed out I didn’t know my right hand from my left and also showed her the bits of my body that hurt and my injuries. Helen was very knowledgeable when it came to sports injuries, so I said I would have a go.

I started with Body Balance then tried Legs Bums and Tums and then her Body Conditioning class and now I am hooked!Helen always makes me feel confident and corrects my technique if I am in the wrong position so I can get the best out of the class. When I started  I often found myself stepping the wrong way or bending when everyone else was standing.   The truth is no one cares because the main purpose of the class is to have fun, do what you can and in time you feel even the things you couldn’t do at the beginning get easier as your fitness improves.

I have so much fun in Helen’s classes that I am not even bothered by my weight and as the weeks went by, the weight dropped off and I became much more toned,  which in itself has heightened my mood and my confidence. The weight loss has made me more mobile and I don’t ache as much.

Helen is very approachable I find it easy to talk to her and ask her advice if I have a muscular problem such as shin splints, she will give practical advice and a range of exercises to do at home to ease the problem.  When you see all the classes she teaches you realise why she is so fit ….She is an inspirational person with such energy… she cares very much about the people she works with and makes each one of us feel special no matter what size the class is. It is 11 weeks since Helen started helping me and I am now 8 stone 10oz.

I feel so much better thanks to Helen.  If she can help me to get moving she can help anyone!

Posted by Tanys Pullin 53

Helen has helped me find myself again after going though a very difficult period.
She has helped me to lose all the extra weight but more importantly she has helped me remain sane. The amazing thing is that I don’t think she even knows what she has done for me. I always leave her classes feeling strong and happy. She loves what she does and is very good at it!!!!

It would not be too much to say that her classes can be a life changing experience.

Posted by Olga

I can’t recommend Helen highly enough.  
Since I have been attending Helen’s classes I have managed to achieve the level of motivation and fitness I could only have dreamed of.

Reluctantly using the machines in the gym and boring of it very quickly I was so happy to find her classes.

She offers a range of classes which are not only fun, beautifully choreographed and full of praise but also very hard work!  She helps to nurture you and encourage you whilst helping you achieve the results you want in fitness and body sculpting.  She loves her work and this shines through in her physique, knowledge and warm smile throughout!  If your looking for someone to help change your lifestyle or maintain an existing level of fitness look no further.

Posted by Jo Priestley

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