David Stalker Executive Director FIA (The Fitness Industry Association)
‘Personal Trainers are key to getting the most out of your workout. In my experience you work out five or six times harder with a trainer than you would on your own’.

Dedicated one-to-one sessions
Helen Ainsworth Fitness combine the factors that make weight loss, wellness, body-tone and muscle build possible for everyone.

Helen says, ‘I recognise that everyone is an individual who sometimes requires a bespoke personal training programme to achieve their goals. I will work with you to find the best ways to get what you want and then help you achieve them’.

My fitness ethos encompasses the ‘whole-you’ and the elements that make that up…

Motivation. Plays an essential role in exercising, without it ‘working-out’ just becomes ‘working’. I will help you, encourage you and push you to go above and beyond.

Structure. One-to-one sessions with me will allow you to discipline your fitness. Integrating various types of exercise will keep things fresh and you interested, meaning you will have fun and enjoy yourself. This in turn will lead to a positive ‘you’ who will want to stick with it.

Well being. It is all about you, I will help you create a positive frame of mind and attitude with your approach to fitness, lifestyle and nutrition.

Lifestyle. It is important to discuss lifestyle when it comes to achieving your fitness aims and goals.

Nutrition. Is clearly linked with how you see the ‘whole-you’ and your fitness. I can discuss this with you should you wish.

The nutrition will increase the speed with which you burn fat and build lean muscle.  The most cost effective way is to give you nutritional advice and practical help and provide you with a four week rolling menu guide which you can follow.  In addition, I will supply you with the science and theory of the nutritional plan.   The cost of this will be £40.00 per week for the four week package.

The other alternative is a general weekly nutritional guidance session using your food diary.  This will be charged at £15.00 per half hour session.

How it works.
Initially, it’s great to meet, discuss your wants and needs. Together we set your aims and goals and work to assess your fitness level. We can discuss structure, well being, lifestyle and nutrition. From these discussions I can then work out the best ways to achieve the results you are looking for. To show commitment from you I ask for a deposit of £15 for the initial consultation and before I prepare a personal training system for you. (Deposit is non-returnable).

I like to keep everything simple so after initial consultation I work on a flat hourly rate of £35 a hour session or part thereof.



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